The Challenge


As I get older in life—I know this is a cliché, but I find it true in this case—photographs play a huge role in how I process and remember information. We are a VERY visual culture.

>>Televisions, posters, newspapers, magazines, computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, mp4 players<<

Have I proven my point?

Everything is interactive and can be quickly accessed. It feels somewhat obsessive how much time I spend looking at other people and other places. I know this is a deviation. But, is my getting older and yearning for photographs a result of this?

Well, personally, taking photographs actually focuses me on what is around me. My life, good and bad. It gives me the kick in the bum (ladies don’t say arse) to become less inter-connected and just stop creeping. Not only that, but I find that photographs actually help me remember experiences much more vividly. That is why I have created a challenge for myself. It is to find at least 6 photographs that I must take in my life. Six photographs that must be taken.


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