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Paths I’ve Walked 

“Paths hold memories.” -Kerstin Giannini

This post is dedicated to all the roads I’ve walked.

The final post in The Challenge section is extra special. It is a little more abstract than the other photos, but if anything this should be a fun project to do! Paths I’ve walked is about me documenting some of the paths, or roads, or alleyways, or hallways, that I’ve roamed.

The Reasoning:

As I have talked about in Picture 3, I have moved around quite a bit in my life. So that’s quite a bit of ground to cover. In this photo I want to recreate the memory of traveling a path, that I was once familiar with. I want to try and capture a moment  I experienced daily in the past.

I find that walking an old path can trigger memories just like photographs do. In this project we can recreate that path with photos, or create a video like I did! One of my favourite places to visit and reminisce is the park that I would walk through to get to my middle school. Hollah Fallingbrook!


The view on the way home from school

For six years I roamed and raced down this path to school. Six years is a long time. The path was right across the street from my old home; it crossed through a small park, then was pretty much a straight road all the way to the school yard. Watch the video I made down below. It’s step for step the route I would take. Plus, the music is what I wish the track to my life sounded like.

In The Challenge page I talk about, how important it is for me to reconnect with what is around me, and to appreciate the place I am in at that moment. I think this was the perfect way to do just that.

paths 2

The park

Thinking back, I walked this road through rain, snow, ice, hail, and SUNSHINE. That is some dedication right there.It was also one of my favourite parts of the day. I would get to walk home with all of my friends, we would gossip and hangout. That park was really convenient for that. I often got in trouble for loitering too long and not coming home straight away. My eldest brother would come looking for me and well, let’s just say, you don’t want your older brother showing up when you got your flirt on.

This picture is meant to inspire nostalgia. It’s meant to take you back in time to a place that you are very familiar with. For me, it really could be a number of places, so for now I will document the route I would take to school.

This video was filmed by me and edited with the help of John Varnava.

Some Other Nostalgic Routes:

  • The route you tend to take in the mall. I worked in retail, so I had a specific path to get to my store.
  • The route you take when you go for lunch break. Maybe trying to bump into that cute guy or girl that works with you?
  • If you live somewhere more tropical you can do your favourite shoreline. I am an island girl, and walking by the beach is just the most relaxing experience.
  • Your neighborhood path. I’ve walked from the beach, across town all the way up to a girlfriends house. Of course said girlfriend was with me, and she suffered the heat and blisters with me! In Canada, I would always be visiting my bestest friend down the street! 
  • Behind the scenes of an office or hotel is also super fun to document if you can get away with it. It feels like a secret world.

Again it is about capturing memories. When you pour so much time into a place, I feel like it becomes a part of you.

Making the Video!

For the final post of The Challenge I decided to make a short video of the path I would walk to school. It is more interactive than just still shot photographs, but photographs work well too. I had a close friend of mine Johnny Varnava, teach me how to do some basic things on an editing program called Adobe Premier.

He helped me add:

  • music
  • still photos within the moving video
  • captions for the images
Mini Tip and Trick

For those of you who don’t have a Johnny nearby, check YouTube for walkthroughs! They have a lot of How To videos for using all types of programs.

I started filming in front of my old home, and crossed the street to where an old friend used to live. Then I continued on my daily route past the park, along the soccer fields, all the way to the back entrance of the school!

And So.

On my way there,  [2:45] I pause in my walk and direct my attention to some trees. Those trees have a great story behind them.

notice the slope downwards!

Notice the slope downwards! I SWEAR IT’S THERE!

Side Story: One icy winter day, I was walking to school with my best friend. Where those trees are located it is a downhill slope. AND, that decline was covered in ice. So me and Suzanne decided to walk over the hill, because it had grass and the snow would be crunchy not slippery like the walkway. Boy were we WRONG. We start walking over the hill, I slipped, I grabbed onto Suzanne, she slipped, and went BAM! Face first into one of those pine trees in the video.

Sorry Suzanne!

I laughed so hard I almost fell over. Poor girl couldn’t get off the tree because she was sliding on the ice. Once we had stopped laughing, I helped her out and we continued on our way to school! I may have told a few dozen people about it that day. 

This was me.

This was me.

These are the type of memories that walking an old path can recapture!

It was a lot of fun revisiting my old neighborhood.  It brought up some great memories. I definitely urge you to try this challenge. It is a great way to re-connect with the past, or if anything a good opportunity to take some nice outdoor photographs!

Extra! Extra!

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