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Candid Photos Watch Out!

Christina what is a candid photo gurl?

Well self. A candid photo is taken spontaneously, a non-poser-ish picture.
But why would you want that?

Because, making a duck-face to the camera is not always a good thing. 

Candid photos are sometimes magical, but often hilarious. They capture the most unexpected moments of life, which a pre-planned thought-out picture usually fails to capture. I’ve had some pretty hilarious candid photos taken, but sometimes a very beautiful, magical picture will just happen.

This summer I took a history of photography class. FUN FUN! No seriously, if you like history and photography, I highly recommend it. *pushes nerd glasses up* One of the things that stuck with me was how the creation of Kodak cameras—does anyone remember Kodak? Disposable cameras? One time 

You see, originally cameras were not very popular. They were huge, unreliable, rare, and freaking expensive. You had to pay a whole days wage just to buy one


picture of yourself. Well it is more or less the same for professional pictures today.

This price was all for a picture that faded over time.use—changed the way people behaved in front of the camera.

As a result, pictures were never spontaneous.

[*I will recommend the textbook I had here, I really enjoyed it*]

Imagine this process:

• Wearing your Sunday best, and traveling to the city to find a photo-studio.
• A controlled studio environment that provided just enough light.
• No night-time pictures.
• Sitting very still for eight to ten minutes, so that the picture would be clear and not blurry.
• Having a neck brace from behind that prevented you from moving.
• No jumping, no dancing, no throwing the bouquet, no waving or movement of any kind.
• Heck you are not even allowed to blink.

Often what the end result was, pictures where people looked miserable. I know I would look pretty pissed off too, if I had a metal rod in my back and couldn’t blink for 8 minutes.

Disclaimer. This photo does not belong to me but to Tobbyotter on Flickr. I am sharing his image, because I thought it was a good example of 1800 portrait photography.

Disclaimer. This photo does not belong to me, but to Tobbyotter on Flickr. I am sharing this image, because I thought it was a good example of 1800 portrait photography!

Thank-you universe! For inspiring some chemists and scientists, to develop the instant photograph. Kodak was the earliest version of instant photographs, that didn’t require a visit to a studio. Anyone could take them.

To make a long history lesson short, Kodak lead to this:

Slob/ Distracted  Jumping Images  Duck Face/ Drunk/ Just NO pictures

The Reasoning:

I think candid photos can really be something special. Take Instagram for example.  Instagram may not be the BEST example of candidness, but there is a lot of stuff on there that is spontaneous. I think it takes courage to live in the moment and just photograph what we want wherever. I do know some people that are very picky about pictures and want them to always be deleted right away if not pre-approved. That irks me a little bit, because life shouldn’t always be so serious.

I think candid photographs are also really amazing at capturing peoples personality. Usually, posed pictures just don’t do us justice. And unless you are a professional model that can project a narrative through SMEYES, (smiling with your eyes) than you ought to depend on the candid like I do. My point, BE FEARLESS, let people take pics of you. Personality photos are amazing in their own way.

Jessica shared this picture with me. This photo captures exactly what these friends characters and relationship is like!

Jessica shared this picture with me. This photo captures exactly what these friends characters and relationship is like!

Also sometimes we see something amazing, like the UTM deer families, and wish you had a camera to take pictures. Opportunity missed.

This post is for all the times we wish we had a camera. It’s for all the times we take photos, don’t think, look at them later and are pleasantly surprised at how funny or amazing they are.

Can you relate?

For this post I took a look through literally hundreds of photographs saved on my computer. The funny thing is certain types of images kept coming up. Coming up will be a segment of Candid photo types! Let’s see if everyone can relate.!



The number one photo that came up over and over again is, me eating! And usually it was pizza. This is one of the most common candid photos I think that exist ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. People around the dining table at home, or at restaurants, or just random pics of stuffing my face, is what Foody candid photos are all about.



Clearly babies, and well house pets, are the easiest subjects for candid photos. Babies, like my cute-as-baby-pandas nephew, has done some pretty epic poses for me. He just does some EPIC faces when he is around lots of people. Of course I document it all. I’m bragging now but, my brother tells me all the time, my nephew took after me. So I can only imagine I looked just like this when I was a toddler.



No this is not about couples as in a dating couple. This is just generally about two people in a photo. No matter which folder I looked in, from any date, there would always be this photo. Two people, sometimes three, just completely oblivious of each other. Makes me wonder why people take these photos?! But, they are just a true image of what being out with friends or family really looks like.

_DSC0776Who dere?

PICTURE TYPE 4: ACTION… A photo in between an action.

These are always fun to look at. I think anyways. They are just the most random of random photos. As candid photos they capture an atmosphere. Like two friends playing battleship, grown-ass women looking ridiculous at Christmas. Or a sport shot,  rollerblading is a sport! For me. Or just funn reaction to something, who can say a reaction like the one below isn’t funny?


HONORABLE MENTION: Murder is wrong.


 Last but not least,


This is the rarest candid photo out there. If you have captured one of these than you can definitely relate to why I included candid photos in the top 6 of The Challenge. This picture is just worth having because it evokes memories and emotions that you want to remember. Or just connect with deeply.

khanasor 005

What comes to mind:

When I think of unexpected magical photos, the one image that comes to mind is the classic bride photo. Standing in her room getting dressed and her maid of honor or her mother is buttoning up her dress. The bride is not paying attention, and snap. They are usually pretty amazing. They capture the moment, the atmosphere, and the joy of such an important day. Wedding pictures are usually posed and fake, but there are exceptions. I wanted to talk about candid photos because they really are about capturing the moment. I encourage everyone to open themselves up to the experience of candid photos!

Life can always use a little spontaneity. Let your hair down, and take some pictures!