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 An evolution in time:

Another cute version!

This photo-idea marks a new phase in my life. This is a series of photographs as well. The basic idea is to visit the same setting once a year, and take a picture in the same spot. It is partly inspired from the transitional photograph [Picture 2]. Usually from the examples I have seen, a number is being held up.

BUT, because I have seen so many great approaches on how to do this, I will include examples with different approaches in the Milestone Photo Ideas down below. Marked in this colour.

Depending on the purpose behind the photo, the number can represent an anniversary, for example the number 1 would be your first anniversary. Or a year, for example 2012 can be the year the picture was taken.

This is a great photo project for:

  • Lovers
  • Documenting a child’s growth
  • A growing family
  • Even for siblings that want to do something fun together once a year

With transitional photos this is a nice theme and I believe it’s because photographs are treated like memories. Looking back at a happy time is always a great experience.

I know this may end up being a Challenge, but hopefully the next year you can look back at the picture, and have a meaningful memory. This is something that kept coming up in my search, but in different ways.

I may be philosophising but, I think the reason we are so intrigued by photographs is cause they capture a moment in time. And as we all know, time is something very tricky.

For example who can agree with these statements?

  • We have no control over time.
  • But, we schedule our lives around it daily.
  • It can feel fast and slow, or both at the same time.
  • But it always moves at a constant speed.

I think it’s because we have a limited amount of time, that we treasure memories the way we do. This is a fun little project to capture moments in time that have a sentimental meaning more than anything else.

Like mentioned before, down below I will include a breakdown of the process, plus Tips and Tricks. This is advice, for anyone who might venture out to take their own photo memory series.

The Reasoning:

I am not sure what exactly inspired this photograph. I think it’s the combination of celebrating an anniversary and also watching a close friend get married.

It was so strange attending a childhood friends wedding.

I am 21 so this was the first time one of my close friends got married. Her engagement was shocking and exciting and just a joyous occasion. I really started to feel my age when my friend told us, “guys I’m getting married.” 

It was like life telling me,

“Tina, put that push-up bra on girl, and get your shit together, life is about to change and get a little more serious.”

Words like,


Never applied to me before. I was simply too young. But, in a couple of years that is going to change too. I think this is something that everyone must experience in their lives. The sudden realization that, YOUR CHILDHOOD IS IN THE PAST. Makes me want to crawl into the fetal position and cry.

Melo-drama aside. I realize that a new chapter is beginning. This photo is therefore dedicated to that friend Jovanna and her husband Steve. And also to my guy, four years and running.

Events like, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations, are common things we take pictures of. This is because they are milestones in life. They are memories we photograph anyways, so why not find a fun or interesting way to do so?

Milestone Photo Ideas: here we go!

1. Taking a photo in the same spot, annually. This is great for anniversaries, or for family pictures. In the example that I found on Pinterest, the couple has chosen a great out-doorsy location. It creates a nice backdrop for the pictures and nice natural lighting. They are holding a little chalkboard with the number 1 written on it. It indicates their first year of marriage. The idea behind this image is that every year the same spot will be re-visited, to take another photo with the next number written down. This series will grow over time.

https://i0.wp.com/media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/upload/190206784232004015_1HDB4FUj_c.jpg    I have taken this from Pinterest! I thought it was a great photo and example.

—All great examples from Pinterest!

It would be an amazing photograph to include new family members as they come along.One year there may be a puppy added to the picture. In five years, children. Fifteen years, children’s friends, nephews, nieces, boyfriends, girlfriends etc. Fifty years into the marriage and photos, there may be a little old couple surrounded by their extended family. This photo idea doesn’t have to be for couples only. It can also be done with siblings or close friends!

2. Taking a photo while holding another photo from your wedding day, or a childhood birthday. This is a really cute idea if you want to reminisce through the photo. With the birthday image you get to see the sudden age difference. It also captures your personality at different points in time. This is a good photo idea for those who don’t want to do annual pictures!


Click to be taken to the source!

3. A third idea is to hold the previous year’s picture in the new photo. This photo ends up looking like, looking at yourself in a mirror, with another mirror behind you. It creates a thousand reflections of the same image. If this made no sense just take a look at the picture below.

WHAT TO AVOID: or what I like to call, “The Classics.”

My Beau

  •  The boozed up wedding anniversary picture. That night was fun while it was happening, or should have been fun when you started drinking, but looking back at a hazy, eyes half closed, mouth hanging picture, perhaps does not capture the sentimentality of the event.

The School Photos

  • The school photo collection. This is so 90’s. I found a funny collection in my friend’s room when I went to take pictures for the Micro-Scopic blog post. The clear glass frame, should have stayed in the 90’s. There is a photo of each year he went to school, from grade 1 to 12. His frame was completed because he was the eldest. But, the younger brother’s were neglected. Not going to lie, I might end up doing this for my future kids. I’m cheesy like that.


  • The after-thought photo. Everyone should KNOW what I’m referencing.  It is the photo taken in doorways or cars, when we are dressed up to go out and celebrate. I have so many pictures, where I am dressed to the nines, but all you see in the photo is a coat. Not to mention, my bag, umbrella, car keys and whatever else I hold on my way out the door. Milestone picture. It took a milestone to get here so let’s take a minute to take a decent photo.
  • HOT-GLAM-GIRL…. need I say more?

Tips and Tricks

  • For anniversaries, the general rule of thumb is you can go up by five years at a time. That way you just focus on the major ones. If you choose idea three for your photo, then I wouldn’t suggest this. But, it can be difficult getting an annual picture going so this is a good alternative.
  • I would also recommend taking this picture somewhere outdoors. It can make it a more interesting experience. But, it can also provide natural lighting and less awkward angles and shadows that exist indoors.
  • Get a tripod out there with you. You can set it up the way you like, and avoid expensive photographers. That is unless you’re rolling in the dough and you can get a pro!
  • Try and be a little consistent with the photos. Either with the setting or the way the number plate looks. It should have some quality of a series.